Transport-week 2014 - Finding common together

The initiative launched by Tyrol to bring all the platforms dealing with traffic strategies for road and rail in the Alps, together in a Transport-week to pool not only forces but know-how, is unique. The Transport-week 2014, to be held in Innsbruck from 23 to 27 june, provides the stage for a broad exchange of views between experts. However, the Transport-week is also an opportunity to discuss the concerns of the Alpine regions and to find strategic solutions.

Transport-week 2014 from 23 to 27 of june in Innsbruck
Zoomansicht Transport-week 2014 from 23 to 27 of june in Innsbruck

Traffic is a vital aspect of life, but it is a major burden too. The Brenner is the most heavily travelled pass in the Alps. This is the reason why the traffic situation in Tyrol is one of the most discussed issues in politics, among traffic experts and in the whole population. The free movement of goods is a fundamental principle for the European Union and undoubtedly an important motor for economic development. Nevertheless, the population along the main traffic corridors also has the right to live in a healthy and uncontaminated environment. The balance between quality of life and health on one hand and the unrestricted movement of goods and economic interests on the other hand can be reached only through future-oriented, sustainable and legally practicable solutions for freight traffic - both on road or rail - in Alpine regions.
With the Brenner Base Tunnel, Tyrol - in close cooperation with neighbouring countries and the European Union - has managed to shift the centrepiece itself of the Munich-Verona corridor from road to rail. Though the Brenner Base Tunnel is a huge infrastructure project, it cannot address every traffic issue in the Alps. The challenge of increasing transit traffic and the resulting environmental impact on the Alpine regions must be approached together.

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